$25 if you dip!
$50+ if you are nominated & choose not to dip!

The #LakeDipChallenge is a movement created to encourage and help each other feel empowered to push past our limiting comfort zones by dipping or jumping into the nearest body of cold water!  Coming together to dip makes us closer to living glowing, vibrant, limitless lives through empowering people who need it the most - marginalized women and girls.  Her International is the charity we have chosen and trust to help utilize your donations to their fullest capacity.

These dips into the cold water creates soul connections and pushes each other on both physical and spiritual levels.  Locally, we are tapping into resources through networking and fascinating collaborations.  Globally, Her International is empowering, educating and connecting women and girls to resources like education, micro-funding opportunities, and sustainable community development. 

Let's dip for women empowerment!

Kendra McFarland
Okanagan Party Mgmt

Generous Sponsors

Dr. Rose Backman             

Dr. Rose Backman, bestselling author, is a powerful, dynamic speaker who internationally lectures and hosts workshops.  She received her Ph.D. of Clinical Nutrition in 1997 before developing her specialized
“Backman Emotional Technique” which she believes is the missing link to a more immediate and effective method of healing.  Dr. Rose is a mindset expert who is the founder of the traveling event, "Power of and UNSTOPPABLE Woman."

Dr. Backman’s work is about empowering others to know who they are, stand-up for what they believe in, and fulfill the truest expression of their self.


Creative Design Support

GypsyJay - Henna Artist
Messy Nest - Vintage Costume Artist

Production Team

Kendra McFarland - Production Manager
Aaron DeSilva - Director of Photography and Video Editor
Jordan Powers - Camera Operator
Travis Cross - Camera Operator
Deon Nel - Stills Photographer


Windmills - Keep Moving


If you choose the "tip" option for your donation, please note this breakdown:
5% of your donation helps us cover the transaction cost and usage of this website;
3% of your donation goes toward administration.

This tip confirms momentum and security toward your valued donation to help us support more women and children.

Thank you for your continued support and energy exchange!

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